Solutions for Providers

Quil Engage is a platform designed to connect, engage, inspire, and empower patients, their caregivers and their providers. Our digital health journeys guide patients and their caregivers through prescribed clinical pathways with step-by-step guidance and reminders via any device, any time. Resources are available across a variety of devices and screens, such as mobile, tablet, computer, and TV. Quil Engage delivers on the promise that an educated and engaged patient leads to better outcomes at a lower cost.

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Drive Engagement

Patients can get step-by-step guidance, education, and tools prescribed-by-provider including videos, articles, checklists, quizzes and surveys.


Work Smarter

Clinicians can monitor how patients are doing at home, gather PROs, and focus on the highest value-activities. Quil can be integrated into your existing workflow or used standalone.

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Any Device, Anytime

Information is available exactly when and where patients need it. All the resources they need across all their favorite devices -- mobile, tablet, computer, and TV.


Build The Best Practice

You know your patients best. We know how to reach them. Our platform is highly configurable to support your brand and differentiate the patient experience.

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All Together Now

Patients can include family and support networks to be part of the conversation with care teams, allowing for easier coordination across care settings for everyone.


Improve Adherence

Increasing health literacy among activated patients leads to more confident, engaged participants in their care and better
health outcomes.

Checklist - Hip Replacement

Creating more
positive health

  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Boost clinical staff efficiency
  • Avoid unnecessary ER visits and readmissions
  • Increase care plan adherence
  • Improve health literacy
  • Reduce length of stay
  • Maximize reimbursement/revenue

How It Works


  • Can efficiently deliver care plans digitally
  • Can personalize care plans for different patients
  • Can keep patients on track with automated check-ins and reminders
  • Can triage at-risk patients and intervene if necessary
  • Can streamline staff workflow and processes
  • Can reduce documentation
  • Can get alerts on patient progress and status
  • Can collect patient reported outcomes


  • Can prepare with step-by-step interactive patient education
  • Can message providers and ask questions leading up to a procedure
  • Can ask for help from their support networks and invite caregivers


  • Can know that everyone is doing what needs to be done
  • Can be proactive and know exactly what to do next
  • Can support patient in making timely, more informed decisions
  • Can be confident that the entire care team has real-time progress updates

What our clients are saying:

"Offering the highest quality care for our patients is at the heart of what we value at Rothman Orthopedics. At the outset of our partnership with Quil, we saw an immediate reduction in administrative burden, allowing our staff to operate at the top of their licenses. And better yet, our patients arrive feeling more prepared, confident, and engaged in their care."

- Mike West | CEO, Rothman Orthopedics Institute

"Importantly, this partnership widens the door to maintaining health at home, which is an increasing focus of our work to prevent and manage chronic conditions and ensure safe recoveries after hospitalizations.”

- Kevin Mahoney | CEO, Penn Medicine

“An informed patient is a patient that already has a leg up on their health. We believe that this system, using technology that meets patients where they are, will greatly enhance the ability to create more informed and engaged patients. At the same time, we expect this to give providers a greater insight to the people they care for, how they maintain their health, and where they could use a little more help to stay well.”

- C. William Hanson III, MD | CMIO, Penn Medicine