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What is Quil?

A connected home system designed to give you and your caregiver a little space. Quil learns your patterns and keeps your caregivers alerted when things are off.

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See what I let you see.

Quil only gives caregivers access to the information I’m comfortable sharing. Like my medications, conditions and doctors.

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No video. No audio.

But that doesn’t mean no insights. Quil uses motion sensing to identify patterns and know when something is out of the ordinary. Yep, that’s smart alright.

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Alert-worthy alerts.

Quil isn’t looking to send emergency notifications every time I stay up late binge watching Law&Order. Quil only acts up when patterns are out of whack.

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Speaking of wearables...

Quil works with my Apple watch to track activity and provide insights about my heart rate, walking and more.

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The Hub

I love a good listener.

With the help of Alexa and Siri, Quil offers handsfree emergency support at home or on the go. At home, Alexa can also help with medication reminders.

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Smart Home

Information rich insights based on smart sensors with ability to set notifications for abnormalities. One source of truth ensuring everyone is working with the same information.

& Metric Tracking

Track your loved one’s activity and receive personalized insights including trends and anomaly detection. Includes steps, standing time, exercise time, and more.

24/7 Call

Quil has 5-diamond call service agents on the line to help monitor events and act immediately to send your call where it needs to go.

it’s NOT

Sometimes, you just need a little assistance, not the whole cavalry. Quil puts you in control of how much or how little help you receive.


“Hey Alexa,” “Hey Siri,” let’s connect. Automated safety events and voice support can be integrated with the devices you already know and love.


Quil is designed for aging adults who live independently at home. Quil’s smart sensing technology, delivers insights that help caregivers rest easy. Quil works best when only one person is in the household. House pets under 50lbs are allowed, of course. Quil requires a home wi-fi connection and does not yet support multi-occupancy households, or seniors living with caregivers.


Set up takes about 45 minutes start to finish. The Quil Assure app is there to walk you through every step of the way. Best of all, you don’t even need an tools. Just plug, peel and stick.


Still a bit confused? That’s okay. Quil offers video-guided installs with a live customer care specialist. Just schedule ahead of time. We’ll help you avoid common mistakes and get you and up and running with Quil.

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Enjoy $400 Off

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The Hub

The Hub.

Yep, this is the big brain that connects it all. The Hub figures out patterns and routines to make all Quil devices smart as a whip.

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Door Detector

Door Detectors.

I know you want to be on top of things, but I like to come and go as I please. Use this helpful doo-hicky to know if I’m home or away.

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Motion Sensors

Motion Sensors.

At my age, an accident can be serious. So it’s good to know Quil has thought about that too. You’ll be sent an alert immediately thanks to these devices right here.

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Panic Button

Don't Panic Button.

There’s lots of things to worry about in a crisis. Calling for help shouldn’t be one of them. So don’t panic, just push. *Sold Separately

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Ready to Quil?

Enjoy $400 Off

Limited Time Offer

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