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The Solution: Improved
clinical efficiencies,
revenue & outcomes.

Organizations need to foster patient engagement to drive better outcomes, support financial goals, and improve satisfaction for clinicians and patients alike. Quil has proven that when patients are informed, inspired and empowered, their outcomes are better. Quil developed an approach to care journeys that focuses on actionable engagement from all stakeholders within the care journey to achieve both quick wins and long-term outcome improvements for our customers which drive return on investment and support enterprise-wide scale.

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Quil Engage drives measurable impact on patient outcomes.

Customers leveraging Quil Engage as part of their patient engagement strategy can improve workflow efficiency and patient preparedness, each of which has been seen to have positive impact on patient outcomes.


Reduction in Readmissions

With the increasing cost of care, hospitals are hyper-focused on improving outcomes that directly impact revenue.


Reduction in after care call volume

With clinical burnout at an all-time high, and low health literacy cited as a top 5 reason for wasted time, improving education workflows are more important than ever.


Lower length of stay

In addition to reducing care costs, now more than ever, reducing the average length of stay is critical to providing the best possible care for the patient population.

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