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Patient engagement
every step of the way.

Quil Engage is a care engagement platform that delivers intelligently individualized care journeys to support patients during every step of their care. Our powerful Engagement Engine activates and educates patients while feeding patient driven insights back to their providers; empowering real-time decision making and intervention. Through modeling best practices of the entertainment industry; patients are engaged in their care across the right device, for the right task, at the right time. 

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Well informed patients are more prepared and more empowered to take an active role in their care. Quil partners with health systems to develop rich, engaging, and informative content that is easy to consume for any patient.

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Intelligently Individualized
Patient Journeys.

Self paced navigation allows patients to consume information at their own pace. Adaptive personalization tied to key dates and milestones supports re-engagement at the right time with the right information.  Individualization makes the care journey specific to the patient and includes changes to images and text to make steps more aligned to the patient’s goals.

Simple Enrollment
and Access.

  • Automated invites sent to patients via HL7 integration
  • No passwords to remember with magic links for instant log-in
  • Easy access on mobile devices with biometric sign-in support
Simple Enrollment and Access

Educational Content.


Choose from a growing library of Quil animations and video multimedia OR upload your own videos to a Journey for your patients and caregivers 

Surveys Icon

Collect Patient Reported Outcomes, satisfaction surveys, and blood pressure, set goals and any other data element you need from your patients.


Create checklists for patients and caregivers to help them prepare for a hospital stay, provide them with a list of important questions to have answered, and/or ensure they are completing prescribed tasks regularly.


Provide instructions and information that help patients be more informed and have the appropriate expectations.

Omni-Channel Approach to Patient Activation.

Meet patients where they are, across any device or communication channel and bring them back into the application at the right time for further engagement.

Time based nudges

Time-based nudges and information via in-app, SMS, and email.

Interactive Content

Interactive content such as check lists, to-do lists, and progress tracking.

Easy access

Easy to access links to care team and other helpful information.

Navigate to the next best action

Navigate to the next best action with quick links to other resources.

Intuitive User Interface.

Intuitive design and user experience makes it simple for patients to adopt and navigate through their journeys.


Onboarding screens to quickly orient new users to the application.


Progress display helps patients understand where they are in their journey.

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Quickly determine whether your patients find your information helpful with familiar rating feedback

Share your journey with friends and family

Connect Family & Friends
for Better Plan Adherence
and Patient Outcomes

Quickly and easily invite friends and family from directly within the application.

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