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Empower your patients
in their care.

The care engagement platform that delivers intelligently individualized
care journeys to patients and insights to their providers.

Your platform. Your brand.

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Right task. Right time.
Right Device.

Right Devices
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    Empowering Patients

    • Make the health journey more efficient, actionable, and easier to understand
    • Ensure trusted information is available exactly where and when they need it
    • Share inspiring and empowering content on their favorite devices: smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, computer, and TV
    • Keep patients, support networks, and care teams involved and informed
    • Enable quick and easy communication
    • Create more positive healthcare experiences
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    Supporting Care Teams

    • Deliver provider-prescribed, personalized care plans to patients digitally
    • Activate and engage patients in care, building strong provider patient relationships
    • Streamline staff workflow & allow staff to operate at the top of their licenses
    • Send automated check-ins & reminders to keep patients on track
    • Monitor patient progress and collect patient reported outcomes
    • Triage at-risk patients & intervene when necessary
    • Gain a new level of control and visibility with data and insights

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