Here to help navigate COVID-19 every step of the way


Introducing Quil’s Covid-19 Digital Health Journeys

As we navigate the longtail impact of COVID-19 together, we’re offering a complete toolkit of COVID-19 journeys to help consumers throughout the active crisis, seasonal spikes, and now, the vaccination process.

Our personalized, interactive COVID-19 digital care plans span the full continuum of care and are accessible on mobile, web or X1 T.V. platforms. Quil has collaborated with trusted sources to provide the most up-to-date guidance from the CDC, AMA and other accredited medical associations as well as timely updates from NBC News and the Today Show.

Healthcare organizations can support all consumers with relevant COVID-19 care plans, including their personalized vaccination journey

Active Symptom Monitoring Journey

  • For consumers with active symptoms or known exposure
  • Actionable steps with up-to-date information on how to quarantine and report symptom severity
  • Monitor at-risk populations at scale and prevent transmission
  • Enable remote care to reduce capacity overload and avoid unnecessary emergency visits

Recovery Journey


  • For consumers who are discharged home after being hospitalized with COVID-19
  • Enable consumers to manage their recovery at home, and stay connected with clinical care teams
  • Identify warning signs early to help care teams intervene quickly when needed

Caregiver Journey


  • For caregivers who are tending to a loved one or friend infected with the virus
  • Step-by-step guidance on best practices for recovery from COVID with early signs to watch for relapse

Vaccination Journey

  • For consumers making vaccination decisions
  • Personalized consumer education and knowledge assessment
  • Vaccination appointment reminders and follow-up symptom tracking

With the COVID-19 Vaccination Journey, healthcare organizations can:

Share information about the vaccine, eligibility, doses and safety

  • Educate on how vaccines are developed and work
  • Guide community on when, where and how they can access vaccines

Educate consumers with personalized care plans

  • Education from a trusted source to build confidence in the science and safety of vaccines
  • Sentiment analysis and tailored education to support diverse community needs
  • Create awareness around dosing, schedules, and expected side effects

Provide personalized next best actions

  • Send alerts to consumers when they are eligible for vaccination
  • Update appointment dates and send reminders via text, email, and push notifications
  • Branded content and information can be customized to suit your organization

Capture critical information

  • Confirm consumer understanding of key information with knowledge checks
  • Capture consumer attitudes towards the vaccine
  • Capture whether or not the consumer has received the vaccine

Track side effects and respond to adverse effects when necessary

  • Collect consumer reported information regarding the presence of side effects following the vaccine and booster
  • Reassure consumers that side effects are normal and provide peace of mind
  • Provide care team alerts for proactive intervention as needed

Improve Compliance

  • Track and remind consumers to get their 21-day booster
  • Follow-up with no-shows or refusals and reduce the likelihood of future no-shows

What our clients are saying:

"Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of our employees. So we are pleased to be one of the first employers to offer the Quil COVID-19 Preparedness Tool. Our employees share that the tool offers critical information about COVID-19 they can really use. It also provides terrific resources to help them adjust to the new work/life reality we are all facing. I have used the Quil tool myself, and it is exactly the type of resource we all need right now."

- Dan Hilferty | Former CEO, Independence Blue Cross