1. Peace of Mind:

Caregiving is a huge responsibility that can cause worry and stress in both the senior and caregivers’ lives. Quil Assure provides a safety net so you can focus on your mental and physical health knowing that your loved one is safe.

2. Bandwidth:

With that newfound peace of mind, Quil Assure will also give you bandwidth for other commitments on your to-do list. By sharing insights with the friends and family that you choose (what we call your Care Circle) you’ll have more time for things like caring for children, addressing your own household, or even self-care.

3. Savings:

Quil delays some of the more costly interventions associated with caring for your senior such as nursing homes and assisted care. Quil Assure aims to decrease the need to take time off work or pay for someone to check in on your loved ones.

4. Better Relationships:

Being a caregiver may bring up awkward conversations with your loved ones from time to time. For your Care Circle, Quil Assure helps bring discussions about shared responsibility to the forefront easily and casually. As for you senior, Quil Assure’s trends and insights help guide when to bring up certain topics like if they’re sleeping well based on their sleep patterns. It can also help you know or when you can skip the check-ins altogether, since Quil will let you know when they arrive back home.

5. Early Intervention:

Insights from Quil Assure assist with early intervention based on changes in activity. Insights like frequent bathroom visits or gait speed can support a decision to seek follow-up care before costly treatments or even hospitalization are needed.

6. A Backup Plan:

With Quil Assure, everyone that you decide in your Care Circle will be notified when the system detects an emergency. Seniors can also call for help by pressing the “Don’t Panic” button or pairing the system with Alexa or Siri to initiate a voice command.

7. One Source of Truth:

Quil Assure allows you to share caregiving responsibilities with others with our Health Wallet. Think of the Health Wallet as the hub for all the detailed information about your senior’s medication, doctors and treatment plans  rather than having one person try to coordinate it all.

8. A Customized Approach:

Get insights and alerts your way. You determine what you want to be notified about, how often you get notified, and how you want safety issues to be escalated.

9. Reminders For All:

Quil Assure provides another avenue to remind your senior to take medications or follow treatment plans as prescribed.

10. Ability to Care From Afar:

The system makes it easier for those who are geographically distant from their senior to still participate in their health and wellness.


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