Quil Assure is the newest medical alert system for older adults and their caregivers. It’s designed to help seniors live safely, comfortably, and best of all, independently. There’s no video or audio. Quil uses smart sensing to bring you peace of mind and keep you informed through our easy-to-use app.

Thinking about adding Quil Assure to you and your loved ones’ lives? Are you getting lots of questions from your senior when you approach them about these new-fangled devices? The last thing we want is for you to feel overwhelmed, so we’ve created this guide to help you navigate the conversation around technology and answer any of their nitty gritty questions. This is just another way for you to say, “help me, help you.”

Peace of Mind for Everyone

First things first. STRESS RELIEF. Don’t forget to let your senior know how much Quil Assure will ease your mind knowing they are safe and sound. If they are worried about you coming over less, remind them that Quil Assure is known for strengthening relationships and enhancing conversations now that all the “business as usual” tasks are handled. The visits won’t stop, but there will be more quality time spent.

In addition to making your life easier, we like to say that for your senior, Quil Assure is like having insurance for those “what if” situations. The sooner Quil Assure is placed in a home, the sooner it learns daily patterns. This means when something is truly out of the ordinary, Quil will alert the Care Circle (these are all the people that you invite to join the app to support your senior) and/or our 24/7 emergency support team. In all seriousness, we have even identified health conditions indicated by too many trips to the bathroom (TMI? We think it’s kind of cool!).

Home is Where the Heart (and Quil Assure) is

Remind your senior this is about staying in the comfort of their home and maintaining the lifestyle they currently enjoy, safely. That’s all.

We Only Want to Know Some of Your Business

Quil picks up on insights that help the Care Circle know when something is amiss based on activity patterns but does not collect video or audio. When it comes to Care Circle coordination, Quil features the ability to give members either full or limited access. Limited access members will not see personal details like doctor names, but they will be contacted in the case of an emergency.

Best believe Quil will never sell customer data to any third-party.

Can We Just Have One Source of Truth?

Getting everyone the right information in one place is no small task, and we are certain your senior will feel comfort knowing that their loved ones have access to their doctor’s information or important medical history. We are also building tools that will support task management so that your senior no longer has to play referee when it comes to who is changing that dang furnace filter.

If you need additional resources, check out this video that explains how to prepare for a difficult conversation or read “How to Manage Conversations About Caregiving Technology Support” by caregiving expert, Amy Goyer.

And now for the FAQs your senior may ask.

Will this be tracking my every move?

Rest assure-d (get it?)—Quil motion sensors don’t have video or audio components. “How do they work?” they may ask. Well, the motion sensors pick up a combination of movement, body heat, and the heat of the room, and that gives Quil all it needs to know. And remember, the Care Circle will only get an alert when something looks out of the ordinary or if the account holder chooses to get additional notifications about certain insights.

What if I don’t use technology?

Good news! No technological prowess needed. Let your senior know they won’t need to download an app, use a smartphone, or do much of anything if it’s not their cup o’ tea. In fact, once you set up their system (or schedule an Assisted Set-Up with Quil) everyone can sit back, relax, and let the devices do their thing in the background.

Will the system know the difference between me and others in my home?

Quil Assure works best for seniors who are living independently, but customers have reported that the system is great for a multi-person home when: 1. there is one person who works outside the home on a regular basis; 2. the senior resides in a different area of the home; or 3. in the case of assisted living where each resident has an independent apartment, even if connected by a common space.

Do I need to wear devices?

The beauty of Quil is that wearing a device is not necessary as long as your senior is in an area covered by motion sensors. Some seniors like to have a button as added protection for when they go to less-frequented areas of the home (like a basement or second bathroom where falls are more likely).

If your senior has an Apple watch or a smartphone, encourage them to connect GoogleFit or Apple HealthKit. Quil will aggregate additional information like steps and heart rate to provide deeper insights for you data junkies.

How do I set the system up in my home?

Great question! Door detectors and motion sensors can all be attached with two-sided adhesive tape or placed on a stand. There is an option to use a screwdriver and small screws to attach motion sensors for a more permanent hold, but that is your call. And if you have a home security system, Quil can easily be installed around existing devices.

Give me the 411 on 911.

Last but certainly not least—we know that the idea of emergency services coming to the home, while comforting to some, is intimidating for others. For example, when the system detects prolonged periods of inactivity, we will begin to reach out to members of the Care Circle, all the way up to emergency services if no one resolves the alert. When you talk with your senior, remind them that a benefit of Quil Assure is that emergency protocols are customizable. They get to decide who gets a call and when. In fact, while not recommended, the account holder can turn off emergency services altogether for certain events if they so choose.

Interested in purchasing our medical alert system? Check it out here.