April 21, 2022

Watch a high-level overview of Quil Engage® the care engagement platform for health systems and patients.  

During the live presentation we discuss how Quil Engage informs, guides and activates patients in their care journey in partnership with their providers and loved ones. Listen in to find out how Quil Engage can drive digital transformation, improvements to clinical workflow, and a better patient experience through our unique approach to patient engagement, activation, and education.  

  • Engage patients through intelligently individualized digital care journeys for chronic conditions, life events and episodes of care with step-by-step guidance across the right device, at the right time. 
  • Activate and educate patients in their care through dynamic timelines, tasks, and check-ins with highly produced, multi-media content. 
  • Support providers with real-time insights and patient-reported outcomes integrated directly into their clinical workflow; so they can better prioritize outreach and intervention. 

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About Quil 

Quil is the digital health company helping people navigate and organize their health lives and is a joint venture of Comcast and Independence. We help people organize and navigate their health lives in partnership with their providers, health plans, and loved ones.