Reengineering health experiences to fit in with our daily lives

Human health is far more than a series of doctors’ appointments. It’s interwoven with our daily lives, whether we are in optimal health or in and out of the hospital with a chronic medical condition.

Not to mention, our healthcare needs change constantly. They vary by our age, our daily habits and the environments in which we live. And the amount of time we spend thinking about it varies widely too. We sometimes need to focus on the health issues affecting us or our loved ones, and we sometimes want to put these issues aside.

Whatever our current thinking is about our health, healthcare must go on. Critical to our wellbeing, healthcare must be something that “runs in the background” even when we’re not devoting conscious effort and time to it. GPS programs like Waze track our movements whether we choose to use it for turn-by-turn directions or not. Where is our Waze for healthcare?
Health doesn’t begin and end at the front door of the doctor’s office, so our healthcare shouldn’t either.

Hundreds of new technologies have been created to support various phases of the healthcare experience, from boosting wellness to adhering to medication schedules to consulting with a doctor outside the clinic or hospital. But too many of these technologies offer healthcare in fits and starts. None span the full healthcare experience–including the times we’re not engaged–but rather focus on discrete episodes that occur along the way.
With hundreds of these point solutions on the market, there is the risk that consumers will use only a small handful, or will use and then discard the majority of them. We have the technologies we need to improve healthcare in a variety of ways–why have we not brought them together into one seamless experience?

Solving these big challenges in health today is the reason we exist in the market today. We built the Quil Engagement Platform to enable personalized, digital communication between people, their support networks, and their care teams before, during, after and in between episodes of care.

The key is engagement throughout the entire healthcare experience. And when Quil thinks about engagement, we know it needs to be personal, inspiring, and empowering. In case you missed it, we recently discussed engagement and the consumerization of healthcare with The Next Big Thing Podcast hosted by AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans). This podcast focuses on exploring the new big ideas that will impact health care most — making it more affordable, more available, and more effective. You can catch up and listen in here.

In the weeks prior to a medical procedure, Quil offers educational content and specific steps recommended by the doctor in the format and via the screen that the consumer prefers. The interaction with the patient increases in the days leading up to the procedure to ensure that people come prepared. Following medical procedures, Quil engages with people and their caregivers for a medically-appropriate length of time, paying close attention to patient reported outcomes.

By focusing on the before, during, after and in between of healthcare, Quil offers support on a people’s full journey — not just various stops along the way.


About Quil

Quil, a digital health company, delivers actionable and personalized health itineraries for patients and caregivers, answering the question “What Happens Next?” in their healthcare journeys. Quil is a joint venture of Independence Blue Cross and Comcast. We combine the powers of precision data, state-of-the-art technology, and security with unparalleled consumer reach to help individuals navigate today’s chaotic healthcare landscape. Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with additional offices in New York City, Quil serves individuals, healthcare providers, and payors nationally.