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Empower everyone to get to know their health better

Our platform helps people organize and navigate their health in partnership with their family, healthcare providers and health plans. 

  • Provide continuous guidance and up-to-date information from trusted sources.
  • Make personal health management easier by breaking care plans into clear, manageable steps.
  • Deliver personalized information and support at-scale.

We meet people where they are at exactly the right time

Digital health tools for today’s consumer:

TV | Smartphone | Tablet
Computer | Smartwatch

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Improve outcomes and lower costs

Our solution for care teams enables leading healthcare organizations to advance health literacy and improve care plan adherence.

  • Deliver personalized care plans, instructions, and reminders digitally
  • Reduce operational inefficiencies, costs, and risk with tools integrated into care team workflows
  • Offer a seamless digital experience that builds customer retention and referrals

Validated results for
patients and clinical teams




Reduction in
Length of Stay

home rates

Connect everyone in the care circle and keep them involved

With better insights, care teams can set expectations, monitor progress, and communicate key milestones.

  • Activate people from the start and build stronger relationships.
  • Encourage people to invite their families to support them in their journey
  • Connect and simplify interactions for everyone: people receiving care, support networks, and care teams

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